Cheng Lab Publishes article in Nature

HashimotoCongratulations to the Cheng Lab for their recent publication in Nature entitled, "Structure of a Naegleria Tet-like dioxygenase in complex with 5-methylcytosine DNA". Hideharu Hashimoto is the first author. The article, published online December 25, 2013, can be found on the Nature website.

Tet enzymes’ roles have come to light only in the last five years; they are needed for stem cells to maintain their multipotent state, and are involved in early embryonic and brain development and in cancer. The finding is important for the field of epigenetics because Tet enzymes chemically modify DNA, changing signposts that tell the cell’s machinery “this gene is shut off” into other signs that say “ready for a change.”

Cheng - Nature - Figure