Dynan Lab Members Win Awards at Emory 2014 Postdoctoral Symposium

Congratulations to Zhentian Li, Ph.D., and Kishore Kumar Jella, Ph.D. for their recognition at the 2014 Emory Postdoctoral Symposium on May 15th.

Zhentian LiZhentian Li received an Invited Speaker Award for outstanding performance in his presentation of his research, "Non-DNA targeted effects on DNA double-strand break repair in space radiation exposed human cells and non-irradiated bystanders."

Kishore Kumar JellaKishore Kumar Jella received a Best Poster Award in Cancer Biology and Oncology Sciences, "Exosomes as mediators of radiation induced bystander signaling."

Zhentian and Kishore are members of the Dynan Laboratory and both of their projects received support from the Emory University NASA NSCOR program. Thanks also to all of the other postdocs who participated and helped to make the symposium a success.