Dr. Shuyi Li Awarded U.S. Patent

Shuyi LiDr. Shuyi Li, Assistant Professor in Biochemistry, has been awarded US Patent recently (No. 8,535,725) for “ Porous Wall Hollow Glass Microspheres as Carries for Biomolecules.” The patent covers a novel form glass material with a 10-100 micro-diameter central cavity surrounded by a 1 miron-think porous shell. Channels, which penetrate the shell, allow size-dependent uptake and controlled release of biological molecules such as antibody fragments and therapeutic RNAs. The microspheres remain in place after intratumoral injection, suggesting a possible application for anti-cancer agents. Co-inventors include Dr. Willaim Dynan and two scientists at the US Savannah River National Laboratory. This technology has been selected as R& D 100 award previously.

Li Patent