Xiaodong Cheng Receives 2015 SER-CAT Outstanding Science Award

Dr. Xiaodong ChengDr. Xiaodong Cheng, Professor of Biochemistry and a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, has been selected as the recipient of the SER-CAT Outstanding Science Award for 2015 for his many outstanding contributions to the SER-CAT scientific program. SER-CAT is the Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team, which is an organization consisting of 21-member institutions. The organization was formed in 1997, aiming to provide advanced X-ray capabilities to macromolecular crystallographers and structural biologists in the southeastern region of the U.S. and Emory is one of the founding members of the organization.

The SER-CAT award, consisting of a lecture and a plaque in recognition of Dr. Cheng's work, will be presented at the 12th Annual SER-CAT Symposium, which will be held on March 13, 2015 at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. In addition, Dr. Cheng’s name and institution will be recorded and displayed on SER-CAT’s master plaque.