The Department of Biochemistry is a leading research division at Emory University School of Medicine. Our diverse studies exploring many key areas of biochemistry and biomedical research include cell signaling, intracellular trafficking, protein modification and turnover, protein structure, membrane biochemistry, DNA repair and modification, genetic instability, human genetics, and the roles of glycoconjugates in human biology and disease.

Please visit our faculty laboratory sites and research pages:

The Conn Lab

The Dunham Lab

The Dynan Lab

The Ghalei Lab

The Kahn Lab - ARF Consortium site

The Liang Lab

The Matsumura Lab

The Ortlund Lab

The Pallas Lab

The Reines Lab

The Seyfried Lab



Core Facilities

Emory University maintains state-of-the-art scientific research core facilities and service centers that are located across the entire campus. Investigators are able to access services, equipment, and individualized training in these facilities in order to support their research endeavors. 
Please visit the Core Facilities site to learn more about the Department of Biochemistry's integrated core facilities.